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Do you live in Miami and have bees on your property that need to be dealt with but you don’t know how to get rid of them? If not handled properly, bees can be a risk, and you could have stinging incidents that you have to deal with. In order to avoid bees becoming aggressive when you are locating them, it is essential that you follow certain steps.

The best way to ensure that everyone stays safe on your property is to call a professional bee removal company. Give our Miami removal company today to receive our professional services.

Services We Offer

Live Bee Removal – This is something we do very carefully to keep the bees protected against and to ensure that the property does not sustain any structural damage.

Swarm Removal – It can be risky to remove a swarm since the bees might attack. Our qualified and experienced swam removal specialists can handle swarm removals on commercial and residential properties.

Comb Removal – A honeycomb is built by bees for storing their honey after they have infested a property. Our trained specialists can handle removing honeycombs. This is often a very challenging process that should be done by a trained professional.

Emergency Bee Removal – At times you may not be aware that your property has bees until after you have demolished part of a structure and discover a big swarm. Our team has the skills to deal with emergency bee removal and during the process ensure that no one gets stung.

Property Survey – Our team will conduct an inspection of your property to locate the bees and eliminate them using the most effective methods to ensure the bees do not return to your property. If not removed properly, most bees will go back to a site.

There are a number of different reasons why it is always best to have a professional service remove bees that are on your property:


When bees are being moved, they can become very aggressive. If a trained expert does not handle the process there is a really high chance that someone will get stung. Bees can be removed by professionals while making sure that the bees do not sting anyone on the property. Another potential issue is the house sustaining structural damage, especially when there are bees in areas like small crevices or in the attic. A professional can ensure there is minimal to no structural damage and keep the property protected.

Complete Elimination

Professional bee removal companies can make sure that all of the bees are effectively removed so that the property does not experience any future bee infestation incidents. Also, bee trapping is a method that can be used on properties by professionals where there have been multiple bee infestations. it is a highly effective preventative method that can be taken to ensure there are no future problems with bees.

Safe Relocation

In the pollination process, bees are essential (especially honeybees). That means you should not harm them. With the worldwide bees population being reduced, they need to be relocated instead of killing them. Professional bee removal services understand this and take the steps that are necessary to make sure they are not harmed.

Give Miami Bee Removal services a call today to remove bees safely and effectively from your property.